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BACF Offers a Variety of Ways to Contribute
Donors of BACF are given a wide variety of options to choose from including cash or other types of assets, which can be used to start or add to a fund.

Real Estate: Gifts of real estate can include homes, condominiums, apartments, undeveloped land, farmland, and rental property. These gifts offer tax advantages similar to appreciated securities.

Bequests: Remembering the community in your will is easy. You may leave a percentage share of your estate or specify the dollar amount.

Life Insurance Policy: Assign the policy and beneficiary rights to BACF and receive a charitable tax deduction for the present cash value of the policy. If you continue to pay annual premiums, they, too, are tax deductible. The future benefit to the Foundation will be the face value of the policy.

Securities: A gift of long-term appreciated securities can be deducted at fair market value while avoiding capital gains tax.

Trust Fund: If you are the beneficiary of a trust that pays a regular income, you may assign a portion of that money to the Foundation. You pay no further tax on the income and may take an income tax deduction for the value of the assignment.

Individual Retirement Account: The IRA that helps you and your spouse during retirement years can later be reduced by income, estate and even excise taxes before it reaches your hands. By naming BACF as the beneficiary, you can ensure that all assets will continue to benefit your community.
Charitable Remainder Trust: Place assets in trust and receive income for life. You may also designate a spouse, children or others to receive the income. You receive a charitable deduction, avoid capital gains tax and remove the asset from your taxable estate because assets eventually pass to your named fund at the Foundation.

Life Estate: Contribute your home or farm, but retain the right to live in it for life. After your lifetime, the property’s value will be added to your fund. You receive an income tax deduction, avoid capital gains tax and exempt the property from estate taxes.

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